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Our experienced and knowledgeable project managers know what is going on. They have extensive experience in implementing advanced signage in an easy way. Their knowledge is your key for getting your brand to stand out from the crowd. We have over the years developed an effective method of working founded on professional project management, logistics, quality and environmental aspects.


When a brand has to be converted into a stylish sign, our skilled designers develop innovative proposals. The studio is a pot containing materials, colours, shapes and light that are mixed together into the perfect mixture.

Symbols and messages must be obvious and easily visible around the clock, regardless of the outdoor light. We pay considerable attention to how the the frontage affects the sign’s appearance when it comes, for example, to how large it is perceived or how the colours will appear. In order that you have a clear image of exactly how your signs will look, you will receive a 3D sketch of the proposed sign installed on the facade.


Yes we are! We are unique in the industry with our broad knowledge regarding building permits and building permit management. Local authorities have the right to issue fines and take down signs if there is no building permit. We are experts in the subject, and know exactly how the drawings should be presented in order to make managing building permits easier for local authorities. We are familiar with the laws and guidelines and know that there are considerable differences in assessments between different municipalities in Sweden, in Europe and worldwide. By letting us manage the building permits for your signage, the process becomes much easier for you.


Just as in all other parts of the process, we take a holistic approach when it comes to installation and logistics. You are always informed when the building permit has been received, and it is time to install the signage. Since we have both our own installation team and contracts with many other installers, we are always never far away. This means we do not need to travel far, which is cost effective and good for the environment.

We always choose the most environmentally friendly transport option. In addition, we of course take responsibility for ensuring that there is a lift, crane or scaffolding on site during installation. You as the customer never need to think about this. We require our installers to work in an efficient and tidy manner. No one should be disrupted more than is necessary. When the work is completed you will receive an inspection report and photo of the end result. Do you know that we also have a storage facility? If for some reason you need to store signage you can rent one or more storage areas.

A selection of our customers

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  • Granngården
  • Gant
  • MAX Burgers
  • JC
  • Synoptik
  • Tacobar
  • 24 Storage
  • EY